Please join us April 15th at Canfield High School! This is the 1st year with your OSTA Board of Directors since the passing of Supreme Grand Master Joon P Choi.

We are all committed to running the Best State Championship possible. With this in mind, we are going to try something new.

Friday the 14th we will have check-in AND weigh-in at Canfield High School Gym or at Storm Taekwondo in Michigan starting at 6:30PM

We will have 2 weigh-in stations to move things along if needed. Please have finger and toe nails cut and remember, NO NAIL POLISH or ACRYLIC/FALSE NAILS. This will be checked during weigh-in.

Order of SATURDAY events:

8:30AM Doors Open for Check-in

9:15AM Referee Meeting
ALL Breaking to holding
9:30AM Coaches Meeting
9:45AM Master Ashton Sings the National Anthem
Pastor James Berkebile says the opening prayer
The giving of the Joon P. Choi Award to the most supportive school!
Begin Board Breaking!
Olympic sparring starts immediately after (top 4 place, 1st place ONLY qualifies for Nationals)
All uncontested divisions (tickets with a colored dot; any rank, any age) will be called to holding at the beginning to be awarded their medal
All uncontested divisions will have an opportunity for at least one exhibition match, if requested

  1. Demonstration Team competition
  2. Breaking: 15 board max, 3-5 stations, Competitor is responsible for holders
    • Boards are $5 each and must be purchased onsite from the tournament; no outside boards will be allowed.
  3. Olympic sparring:
    • Black Belts (All Dans)
    • Advanced (1st and 2nd Gup) Red & Red/Black Belt
    • Gen2 Daedo e-chestguards and e-helmet COVERS will be provided; COMPETITOR is responsible for e-socks and all other gear (including regular helmets)
  4. Olympic sparring – non Daedo: Competitors are responsible for ALL gear.
    • Intermediate (3rd-6th Gup) (Green and Blue)
    • Novice (7th-9th Gup) (White, Yellow, & Orange Belts)
  5. Sport Poomsae: Singles, Pairs and Para
  6. Open Poomsae: All Ranks
    • All poomsae categories will meet in holding and come out together.
  7. Traditional & Creative Weapons Demonstrations: All Ranks

Master Justin Taylor
President, Ohio State Taekwondo Association

2023 USAT Ohio Championships
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